Take a Break from it All

Massage for 2, a meal and the hotel swimming pool, from ILS 500 per couple

Reconnecting to Love

An assortment of pampering, relaxing treatments for couples

Your Private Experience

The Time-Out Your Body & Soul Needs

Spa in Tel Aviv - Emerald Spa at Dan Panorama Hotel

Welcome to Emerald Spa at the Dan Panorama

The Emerald Spa is a boutique spa located within Tel Aviv's prestigious Dan Panorama Tel Aviv Hotel.

We place strong emphasis on even the smallest details, from the moment you enter the spa and until you step out of our door.

We believe that a good spa must be able to renew the connection between you, reignite the shared spark and send you home with a sweet, unforgettable experience. This is our goal each time anew.



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We invite you to set aside your busy daily routine and head to you’re new place of warmth. We'll provide you with a pampering package that will let you put all your worries aside and reintroduce you to one another, like the first time, for an experience that is all love, energetic renewal, giving and deep heart-to-heart connection.